Two simple ways to protect your Net Value in case of a Bitcoin Crash

steemit.com5y ago

Every Bitcoin holder experienced it: Bitcoin Price crashing, and your Net Value with it.

If your spider-senses tingle before a crash, there are two very reasonable actions to protect your Net Value in case of downtrend.


Vaultoro is the service of my choice. You trade exclusively Bitcoin and Gold there.

Pros: Instant functionality - send BTC to your Address and it's converted to Gold automatically. Reasonable fees Backed by real and redeemable Gold Audits are as transparent as possible Cons:

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or HERO for long term savers

bitUSD is dwelling on BitShares Decentralized Exchange. It's pegged to the value of real US Dollar.

Click Here to open a free BitShares Account Pros: Decentralized Incorruptible Fast (3 second transfers) Secured by at least 2x worth of underlying Asset BitShares Pegged to Dollar value Instant buy via Cons: More complicated Fees are a bit more expensive

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