This is Satoshi.Fund and it's awesome.

steemit.com5y ago

The plan was to just see what they offer, out of curiosity.

But then I learned that they offer the open end managed crypto fund ON BITSHARES


Registration is as consumer friendly as it can be in current BitShares Wallet.

Click Here to Sign-Up (Invest Now) Enter E-Mail, user name and Password Backup Brain Key (important) Investing

The GUI is so simple and amazingly end user friendly. You literally just need to send Bitcoin, and 24 hours later you will receive SPIES Shares based on Coinmarketcap NAV (Net Asset Value)


It's clean, and shows every data possible.


Just select Redeem and enter your Bitcoin address, you'll receive Bitcoin based on NAV (same as Investing).

You're free to move SPIES to your regular BitShares account, and you can trade them on their DEX Market, obviously.


The slice of the pie comes at a price.

Entrance Fee: 5% Exit Fee: 5%

so investing goal should be long term.

This may sound expensive, but it's still much cheaper than conventional Managed Funds or Prism.


This is the prime example for a specific and tailored product on BitShares DEX. It's very consumer friendly, and requires very limited knowledge of BitShares. New users won't even notice the Blockchain!

Buy and Sell Steem & Steem Dollar at best rates!

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