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My BitShares Journey as Affiliate...

So I recently registered the 500th Account as an affiliate on BitShares, here are some stats and thoughts

Stats 512 Accounts 8 Life Time Memberships Earnings

This is nearly impossible to measure, and the fundamental flaw of the referral program.

Let's assume average LTM Upgrade costs $100 (=60% to Affiliate)

$480 earned in LTM Upgrade Fees Cost per Acquisition (CPA) Fundamental Flaw

Referral earnings are paid as vesting over the course of three months, and in volatile BitShares.

I know, I'm repeating myself in every report however, it's impossible for a marketer to invest in Advertising models if there is no calculable ROI.

BitShares could be worth 0.001 in 3 months or 0.01... or more... or less...

Idea Affiliate/LTM Upgrade paid in bitUSD Add more exclusive LTM features

I believe this would set the foundation to bootstrap marketing efforts.

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