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Kexcoin - Real Estate ICO on BitShares Launched

Kexcoin ICO just launched on BitShares.

Starting with 169 BTC in Pre-Orders, the coin is now tradeable and can be bought!

Reminder How to Buy Click Here to watch

No sound, no voice, just follow my steps.

Sign-Up: Select USE THE ACCOUNT MODEL Enter your Username (Username = Address in BitShares) Enter a password TIP: Use LastPass to create and store Create Account Click I UNDERSTAND make sure to really backup your password and account name Click Switch to Advanced Mode I had to reload the site at this point Click DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW to deposit Bitcoin Select Openledger (OPEN.X) as Transfer Service Select BTC Copy Bitcoin address and deposit After you received Bitcoin, click Exchange Select OPEN.BTC and click FIND MARKETS Enter KEXCOIN Click KEXCOIN Under BUY KEXCOIN enter Price and your Bitcoin Confirm the Pre-Order

that's it, your order is now waiting to be filled once the ICO starts.

Buy and Sell Steem & Steem Dollar at best rates!

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