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Enormous potential for bitcoin if forked to BTC-U

I wont take up much of your time but take a minute to think about this!

If cryptocurrency is anything about creating a network driven and governed by its users then BITCOIN-UNITED is the choice for just a few specific factors that are undeniable .

COMPARISON BETWEEN BITCOIN & BITCOINS-UNITED BTC-U is "(upgrade of bitcoin by bitshares network)"

Current Bitcoin transactions processing power per 1 second = 7 High transaction fees that exceed 2$ at minimum charge of $10 Block size of 1 MB Anywhere from 5 minutes - 2 days in certain situations and even out liars are never processed(OBLIVION)

This is just not enough to handle the demand that this technologies future use cases will be requiring. Even with a fork that they have as one of there potential options it will only double there 7 TPS to a sad and demoralizing 14TPS quite the innovation leap huh.......................

On the other hand we have a option that is honestly just the logical immediate action that is needed to propel this industry forward and generate awareness to the masses. This is a much faster, safer, smarter and don't you dare forget cheaper way to do bitcoin.

YOU sir/ma'am have cought the case of denialism if you believe the current road map for the bitcoin we use today has a stronger potential and a more prosperous future then the BTC-U has in store on there road map

("yes denialism is a real thing")

BITCOIN-UNITED specs are a good step in the right direction with more of a realistic approach to tackling large industry adoption which results in mass user adoption. BITCOIN-UNITED will share the following specs that every coin shares on the Bitshares network

BITCOIN-UNITED transaction proccessing power per 1 second = 10,000. They claim they have stress tested it BUT on a daily average without stress testing it does not get near 10,000 more around a 3,000-5,000. <--(fact check th...
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