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Collecting Bitshares from an old Protoshares wallet.dat

I’ve been trying relentlessly this weekend to claim my BTS from Protoshares I mined back around 2014, if anyone could help I’d really appreciate it. I have the wallet.dat and have read walkthroughs on getting it to BTS 2.0. So far I was able to import my wallet to Bitshares 0.9.3c. After doing that I can see my balance. I downloaded the blockchain, replaced the folders for it with newly downloaded, and resynced. I see my balance as BTS, Note(not sure what that is) and Note Test(also not sure). I then run through console the export keys command to create a .json. When trying to import this to a wallet in the Bitshares light client, I select import and select the .json, it will show my account name from 0.9.3c and show keys, but when I type the password in and click “submit” nothing happens, no balance available to claim. I had to use the wallet password to import it to 0.9.3c in the first place, and I’m not getting an incorrect password error so I’m thinking that’s not the problem, but I could be wrong. Any help from here would be really appreciated and once recovered I’d be happy to tip some BTS!
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