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BitShares to be added to Coinbase!

Coinbase is called "bank for crypto", it has a wallet, easy buy/sell coins and an exchange.

Today news hit about coins that they want to add:

And yes.. STEEM and BTS are among them. Just to be clear - at this point we dont know if they will be exchanged or added for all services,m we know they will add them to the vault - so people/corporations can store them securely (as Coinbase gives bank a like warranty on holdings).

Coinbase Exchange

As you can see for now they just trade a few coins on the Pro (former GDAX) but this is a step in right direction and more fame for STEEM and Steemit and the older brother - Bitshares.

Where to trade BTS and STEEM now?

Some exchanges are in common ie Binance or Huobi, some good ones STEEM has - Bithumb, Bittrex and some BTS has - Lbank ie. I think every holder of BTS should have some STEEM and every STEEM holder should have some BTS.

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