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Bitshares - A Lambo Parked in a Farm Barn

First I would like to say that I'm quite new on the "Crypto" world, I got hooked couple of months ago and since then I have started to research about different coins. As most of newbies I started with the "famous" ones, BTC, ETH and LTC, mostly due to the fact that coinbase only lists these 3 coins and in a matter of days I started to be introduced to other coins after watching many youtube videos and joining Telegram groups.

So before I go ahead I would like to make it clear that I'm far from been an expert on Cryptocurrencies, I still have a very long journey to learn about the technical aspects, so this is my view as a newbie, which I think is extremely important at this point. If you think about it, the early adopters of cryptos are tech savvy people however now we are moving to new waves of "customers" who are starting to get hooked about this technology, and my perception of coins will probably reflect their perception too, so on this new run for the coins in the next months and years, the newbies are the ones who will determine which coins will have a big increase on the marketcap.

Going back to my crypto journey, after learning about different coins there was a particular one that really got my attention, Bitshares. I was really amazed with the potential of BTS and how this could be a potential game changer for many industries.

For those of you who are not very familiar with BTS I will try to explain it from a newbie perspective and why I think this particular coin is different from all others..

1- The first point is in relation of the speed in which transactions can be processed.. BTS can process 100,000 transactions per second and to give you some perspective, Bitcoin can process only 7 tps and Ether should be able to process around 26 tps.. So imagine if BTC achieve mass adoption and you would like to use it to buy a coca-cola on a regular shop, how would it work? You would have to wait minutes or hours to get yo...

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