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Bitcoin United (BTC-U) offers 3 second Confirmations and Massive Throughput

This is our second in a series of syndicated Huffington Post articles taking BitShares and the Hero to the mainstream.

In a previous Huffington Post article about the ongoing Bitcoin Civil War, we begged industry insiders not to split Bitcoin into multiple coins and ruin its unique status as The Gold Standard. We pointed out that it doesn’t need to upgrade, it just needs to cooperate with other supporting chains that can already do what classic Bitcoin will never be able to do – scale to meet global transaction speeds and bandwidth.

Please don’t change Bitcoin, you’ll break it!

Alas, nobody listened. We may have dodged a bullet on August 1st, we’ll see, but this worry won’t go away. Another Time of Forking now looms in November and eventually we won’t be able to stop it. The system will grind to a halt and Bitcoin will break up in a forking crisis.

So we decided the next best thing is to fix it ourselves first, once and for all.

We are adding our own candidate to join the other “Alt-Bitcoins” in the ongoing forking Diaspora. We call it Bitcoin United (BTC-U) aka (BTC.BTS). The purpose of Bitcoin United to provide a solution so far advanced that there would be no reason to adopt anything else – thus avoiding a permanent breakup. Bitcoin will remain united through the sheer force of excellence of our long-proven, freely available technology.

A gift to the industry.

BTC-U will be gifted one-for-one to all holders of BTC at the last unforked “classic” block when the Time of Forking inevitably arrives (we won’t fork it over until somebody else breaks the taboo – then it will happen automagically). When that final fork up occurs, Bitcoin United will come to the rescue – providing a solution so much better than what we’ve been offered by the insiders and other special interests that there will remain only one true Bitcoin.

After all, if we’re going to break Bitcoin unity for some tiny, ineffective code ...
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