Invest, get BEST!

Bitpanda Ecosystem TokenBitpanda Ecosystem Token
self.bitpanda1m ago
Source: []( We start into **week 5** with the celebration of **8 new coins**! With that said, when you **invest** atleast **50€** into any of the **newly listed coins**: **#QNT**, **#CELR**, **#REQ**, **#KAVA**, **#HNT**, **#LPT**, **#FET** or **#POWR** You will get the **chance to win 1.000€ in the invested asset!** It is possible to **increase** your **chance to win** times **8,** if you **invest atleast 50€ in each of those 8 Coins!** That means, if you're super lucky! **You will get 8.000€** Good luck to everyone participating! Stay alert for what's more to come in the next week!