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You know, MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares are more scarce than BTC.. and other info.

So yeah MSTR is up big in last few weeks trading at $170 per share. This is the company which announced they swapped their cash reserves for $425 million worth of BTC. The share float is only 7.67 million, which is fewer than # of bitcoins!!! Share ownership is 92% institutional. Most are owned by big brokerages and mutual funds. They just did almost half a million shares buyback at $140 each (current price $171 and I'm sure those sellers are pissed). The timing of the buyback and BTC announcements coming so close seems a little nefarious. Stock pays no dividends and insider ownership is practically nonexistent. I would not buy this stock to get "exposure to bitcoin" that they hold. Too high a premium and your "exposure" is extremely indirect.
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