You aren’t gonna fool me this time!

self.Bitcoin1m ago
In early 2020 when i was new to crypto, i saw btc at under 5k and thought it was a great buying opportunity. I however decided not to enter because I was new and everyone was saying that Bitcoin is dead and it’s going to zero so naturally I fell for the fud. Fast forward 1 year and Bitcoin is now at 60k and the same idiots who were saying Bitcoin is dead are now saying Bitcoin is going to 100k or 1 million. I wanted to fomo in but ultimately decided not to because I thought I had missed the boat and that I would have to watch it go to 100k+. Now that there’s a golden buying opportunity at 10-20k you morons are coming out and saying that Bitcoin is dead and Bitcoin is going to zero. Wonder where ive heard that before🤔. Now I know that majority of people here are not experts and just puppets being played like a fiddle by the puppet masters. I ain’t falling for it this time. I’ve learned that the only way to win in this space and really in all markets is to be a contrarian and not to follow the sheep. While you guys continue to get manipulated and brainwashed by the powers that be I’ll keep stacking my bag as btc goes lower and you guys get more bearish. I won’t get fooled this time. See y’all on the other side.