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Yesterday i got a call from my Bank

My bank’s Director called me yesterday (never talked or met him before). He told me they were doing some security checks and some “anomalies”popped up on my account. They noticed I was regularly moving my monthly income into exchanges and the director wanted to warn me about the risks and volatility or cryptos which btw i’m fully aware of. He wanted to make sure that I wasn’t investing debt in crypto which of course i’m not. I only invest my hard earned money and what I’m willing to lose. Im totally debt free and i owe nothing to my bank. So I asked him what he knew about cryptocurrencies in general. He said : “I heard Elon mask bought a lot of it”. I’m from a small city in Italy (so please apologize my english) and I was not expecting to the Director of my bank to know much about crypto but also not that little. He kindly asked me not to bring back the money all at once and I simply told him that i have no intention to do so and that i’m crypto for the long run and not for speculation. I also told him that I was aware of the capital gain tax in case of withdrawals. He asked some fairly personal financial questions and even though we didn’t speak about numbers I knew he knew because he told me that he could see my money transfers to exchanges which I didn’t really like. On the other hand, i had the opportunity to ask him some questions and discovered that I am the only one in that particular bank that is involved with cryptocurrencies I’m sharing this story with you because I found very interesting that my bank noticed me. I am your average 28 yo guy with an average job and an average salary. I think in the future banks and governments will do their best to make it harder for the average Joe to get involved in crypto.
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