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Wrote an article on Bitcoin. Any feedback is welcome.

Perspective is everything. It’s what separates “winners” from “losers”; the happy from the sad; the courageous from the cowardly. The right perspective offers advantages to those that have it over those that don’t. Perspective is a point of view; a way of looking at the world; a conviction or belief about a particular thing. History has shown us that those that maintain the proper perspective and act accordingly can lead highly productive, rewarding, and influential lives.

Needless to say, perspective is important. Knowing how valuable it is, I have continually educated myself in an attempt to maintain the right perspective in my financial, political, and sociological views. Today’s article is my perspective on Bitcoin. I believe we vote with our money and Bitcoin is the ultimate vote for freedom. My hope is that sharing my perspective might influence your own and help anyone to continue studying why Bitcoin is so vitally important.

“We Vote with Our Money”

This statement may be new to those that have not put enough thought work into money or politics. It’s a statement that has become more and more meaningful to me the past couple of years as I’ve witnessed the abuse of power by the few in possession of authority over the many. To put this into perspective, let me ask a few questions:

Have you witnessed the harmful consequences of a mandate made by a singular politician?

Do you believe you have just as many freedoms today as you had just a couple years ago?

Are your desires for you and your family and the society in which you live being properly represented by decision makers?

Are you in agreement with the way the government spends the money you give it?

Are you ok with the government creating more money to achieve objectives that differ from your own?

I won’t answer these questions individually, but the point is to examine your own thoughts. Far too many of us don’t think for ourselves anymore. Many...

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