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Wow we just broke 3,000,000 members!

That's really incredible. It's my sincere hope that we can take this moment and highlight the true use case of bitcoin as providing the world's first truly finite digital asset that allows true autonomy and sovereignty for anyone running taking their own private keys and running their own node with SPV (Simple Payment Verification). It's my hope that this post will bring to light the fact that these wallets that allow you to specify your own node are very few and far between (I only know of one on Android for example). Even more concerning is that even the base download for bitcoin core doesn't allow you to run SPV by default as you have to specify peerbloomfilters=1 in the config file. Either way bitcoin fam congrats on the big 3MM registered users in this sub! Let's not lose sight of what this is all about! 馃挭
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China wants you to sell so they can buy your dip.

We gonna witness a history in bitcoin mining tonight, all mining farms (about 8m kw electricity load) will shutdown at 12pm Beijing time tonight, Harare rate already dropped significantly after sichua...