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Working at Wasabi Wallet

‘Wasabikas’ (the term for anyone helping to develop Wasabi Wallet) are given a fair and equal opportunity to contribute to the ever-evolving software. Though it would be an asset to have degrees and years of experience, resumes and job applications mean little to nothing here. All Wasabikas need to contribute to Wasabi Wallet is a genuine interest in developing the Wasabi Wallet software and pure unadulterated skill.

Described as an ‘Actionacrocy’ by free software entrepreneur and Wasabi Wallet contributor Max H., Wasabi Wallet’s contributors willingly prove themselves before officially becoming a part of the team.

Wasabi HQ

Wasabikas are advised to contribute to the wallet’s development based on their skillset. That’s right, you don’t have to be a developer to contribute to the project. And though Wasabi Wallet’s repository is on GitHub, you don’t need to know how to code to use it. Anyone who is anyone (and by that, I mean everyone) can make a contribution since there is free access to browse, review, open pull requests and make commits in the GitHub repository. You can be a wordsmith, a graphic designer, or just someone who thinks something may be lacking across the board, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

You may be wondering, do I just…go in there and do it - whatever I want? Not really, but it’s still pretty simple. Potential Wasabikas are provided with a technical overview of the inner workings of Wasabi Wallet (say that fast 5 times) that gives a crash course on the nuts and bolts of the project. If you're still interested after reading pages of documentation and familiarizing yourself with how Wasabikas work, you then introduce yourself to the existing team, get familiarized with tasks already underway and then see where you fit in. It’s that simple.

Communications with other Wasabikas are always transparent and are as easy as sending a slack message (trust me, everyone’s there). However, Since Wasabi is open source, Wasabi...

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