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With the crypto market rising again, hacker SKUM are coming out to play. For the new guys, here’s some tips I’ve learned over the years to ensure that you are untouchable.

Contact your phone carrier and ask for SIM identity protection services, it will make hackers have to go through numerous personal questioning on top of knowing your SIM password and PUK number on your iOS device. If you can afford it, Get a secondary phone/ computer used strictly only for cryptocurrency’s… porn, Netflix, Google searches, work, calls, text etc. only on main devices. Download Bitdefender, McAfee, or LifeLock onto all your devices. Get the best yearly package possible, activate web protection, malware protection, VPN and identity protection for all of your devices. Buy a Yubikey to access all of your emails and exchanges, a Yubikey is like a little hard drive that you plug into your computer and or phone to access emails or exchanges which will generate a new authentic code every time you want to login. Virtually un-hackable. Much more secure than Google Authenticator. Keep all passwords written down in a fire proof bag hidden. Make a copy of them and put in safety deposit box. Never keep passwords on notes or pictures. Don’t repeat passwords and keep them very strong. And of course the most secure protection of all, keeping all of your coins on cold storage. Keep your 24 words hidden in a fireproof or metal wallet with a duplicate in safety deposit box that only you and a trusted family member know about.
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