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Why won't the complexity hinder Bitcoin's progress?

I am considering investing a large chunk into Bitcoin. Nearly done educating myself on buying and storing. Only want it as a long-term buy and hold speculative investment. One thing keeps bugging me though. I am fairly tech savvy and will be able to work out how to buy it on Coinbase, for example, and then how to store it somewhere like Trezor, if I want to keep it offline for safety. But how will regular people, the vast majority of the planet, ever get their heads round the process of buying and storing it, not to mention feeling safe about the risk of getting hacked or simply losing or forgetting their key? Or mis-typing and sending all their money into the void - my mother still accidentally deletes enormous emails before sending them - I think she does Ctrl-A instead of Shift-A. Remember, passwords like "Password" and "123456" are still the most commonly used by people. How will regular people embrace Bitcoin in sufficient numbers to really make it thrive, and speaking selfishly, to make my speculative investment turn into a home run?
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