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Why Generation Z Loves Bitcoin

I am a zoomer, you may have heard of us — self entitled, spoiled and good at tech. I recently graduated from high school, attended university and entered the workforce. If you have done any of these things in your life then there is a good chance that you’re a human, and this article is relevant to you. Although this writing is tailored to younger demographics it still applies to everyone.

I’ll begin bluntly: you are operating your life at a loss — surprise! Now let me explain. Time is money and money is time, literally. Every day that you go to work you trade your time and energy for yet-to-be-redeemed credits of other peoples’ time and energy. This technological innovation is called money.

As a zoomer, I have many daily purchases and some life goals. I buy a coffee most mornings and one day I would like to own a house. I also have a savings account full of yet-to-be-redeemed credits. If I choose to not redeem (spend) these credits immediately, then they continuously lose value. With every second that goes by, the morning coffees and that future house get more expensive. As a result I’m able to ask less and less of other people’s time. Why is that?

These items get more expensive because governments use expansive monetary policies like low interest rates and money printing. I have no control over these expansionary monetary policies nor do I benefit from them. A cup of coffee, if I were alive in 1970 might have only cost me 25 cents; today it costs me upwards of $5! If we continue along the government's targeted rate of inflation, that cup of coffee may end up costing me more than $10 before I even retire.

It's an uphill battle!

I have to run faster and faster just to stand still and so do you. The current financial system is designed around “growth” at all costs. The economy is dependent upon debt-fueled consumption for consumption’s sake.

Consider the impacts of this on the environment. If the incentive is to quic...

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