Why BTC is perfect energy. (Prove me Wrong!)

1M Ago
The condensed thesis for this comment lies here: BTC as perfect energy can be agreed upon by "All" based on the limited resources of our current knowledge of energy and its uses as it pertains to its value to mankind. BTC is perfect energy for humanity. The acceptance of BTC as decentralized, fungible asset value currency will save the planet immense energy by reducing the Brick and Mortar locations of the Banking system. Your new Bank and ATM will be your cellphone. There will be immense energy savings from customer's and employee's needless travels to bank locations. This will cut down on emissions and fuel usage, air conditioning, heating and electricity savings will more than justify the Energy used for BTC mining. For the past 14 years we, BTC Maxi's have answered all the questions from all the uninformed, from the doubters and the naysayers and we answered all the questions correctly! **The BTC question time is over we are now entering the BTC acceptance** **stage.** * Accepting BTC as your currency/asset value removes the cuffs from the Banking Cartel's grips. * Accepting BTC is the best currency/trade vehicle for humanity as a whole. * Accepting BTC is the best currency for the environment. * Accepting BTC levels the playing field for all of us. * Accepting BTC will create a value system that is equal to everyone (1) BTC = 1/21,000,000 of the the BTC mass * Accepting BTC is Perfect energy..... BTC=MC^(2) * Accepting BTC is the new Peaceful Revolution for parity for all * Accepting BTC will bring you closer to your higher self by believing "if everyone accepted BTC it would bring you closer to your god not hold you back?" Can the FIAT syatem say that? Cheers!