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Why BTC growth should feel illogical, but really isn't

A bear market will make these growths seems illogical, especially when your surroundings "crytpo twitter, crypto reddit, etc" But the mass majority of the public aren't involved... like the internet in the 90s, which now is in every hand 24/7. Take a look at amazon or apple, the ground floor pricing on stocks was cheap... but this was a company you were investing in, you were investing in something tangible. BTC is an idea, a number, an algorithm... The very concept of investing in something like this is new, and won't be seen again. The .com boom was much more tangible in a sense. So while this growth seems insane, it's actually not. The human brain can't really feel numbers over a hundred, we can comprehend, study, and understand them, yes, but the idea that there are 7.8 billion people and 137million BTC users (actual number supposedly) doesn't feel very different from say I lied and there were 500 million users. The people and money flowing into crypto will be like nothing there ever was and these massive "bubbles" and 10000% gains will and should feel insane and out of the norm and cause "red flags" but in time we will look back as if it was obvious that this was the future and going to happen.
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