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Why Bitcoin is Not in a Death Spiral, According to Andreas Antonopoulos

Over the past month, many reports about the materialization of a potential “death spiral” on the Bitcoin network were released, leading investors to be concerned about the short-term trend of the dominant cryptocurrency.

According to a security expert and cryptocurrency researcher Andreas Antonopoulos, a death spiral is unlikely to happen in Bitcoin.

What is a Death Spiral and Why it Likely Won’t Happen

On the Bitcoin network, miners find a block filled with transactions every ten minutes. After 2016 blocks are mined, the network automatically readjusts the difficulty of mining Bitcoin so that if there is less hash power on the network, miners can mine Bitcoin with lower difficulty, and if there is more hash power on the network, miners can mine the asset with higher difficulty.

A death spiral on Bitcoin refers to a situation in which the difficulty of the network fails to readjusts after 2016 blocks because the hash power of the network continues to fall at a rapid rate triggered by existing miners in the ecosystem that leave the space due to a decline in profitability.

“Some people assume that if [death spiral] happens, then a lot of miners will say ‘okay, I’m not making enough profits anymore because the hash rate has dropped 50 percent, so I’m going to turn off my mining’ which then causes to drop even further, which causes it to get even slower, which causes to drop even further, drop slower, death spiral, difficulty never adjusts,” Antonopoulos explained.

However, this phenomenon is unlikely to be materialized on the Bitcoin protocol because miners in the ecosystem operate mining facilities with a long-term strategy.

Most major mining centers and facilities obtain electricity and equipment that can be used for years; miners do not depend on grid operators to meet their demands on a weekly basis. Especially in regions like China where many mining centers operate in due to cheap electricity and cold climate, mi...

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