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Why Bitcoin is King

Let's all provide our reason(s) for why Bitcoin is better than all other altcoins. No emotions, only logical reasoning why Bitcoin is better than all altcoins. I'll start by providing my 3 main reasons: Preface: Transaction speed isn't the main point of interest for me. Personally, I want money that cannot be inflated, and the only way that is possible is if no one controls that money, and not one entity should have majority control in keeping that network secure, because with one central securing entity, you go after that entity and the security of that network is compromised. If you want fast transactions, use your debit card or paypal, they're nearly instant. So if you're like me, then security and decentralization are the only important factors. Reason 1: Bitcoin is the only uncontrolled money/truly decentralized - Any altcoin can be swayed in the desired direction of its main proponent/ central controlling party (increasing supply, lowering security, censoring others from using the network, forking upon command etc..). But not bitcoin as there is no one party with majority control, i.e nodes and miners are from around the world with no single central authority. The high hashrate is the result of many community members, large and small, all vying for bitcoin. I believe the main proponents of other altcoins mine their own network even if it's not in their own financial interest to do so. I believe they do this to show their network is secure with the hope of building confidence in their altcoin. What happens if one day they lose interest in their network or are tired of mining at a loss? ....And in the case of POS, don't forget there are those like Vitalik and company who have majority stake and would therefore by default have central authority to make big decisions, even if the majority of participants don't agree with them. Reason 2: No central point of failure - every altcoin out there has an entity behind it, that if coerced enough, ...
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Binance and CoinMarketCap Announce Acquisition

Binance and CoinMarketCap announced an acquisition. Together, they will pursue their common vision of making cryptoasset more accessible and useful to users around the world.