Why Bitcoin?


Ultimately when you look into the fundamentals of bitcoin you discover that it’s legit. We in the bitcoin community know this. It’s separate from all other cryptocurrencies and is superior.

The market is currently on the fence. Some investors understand and have bought which is why we are at the levels we’re at now but what catapults us to the next level is more investors realizing that the answer really was bitcoin.

Originally I thought small business was going to be the next great push. But I’ve changed my mind. There’s a chicken and egg problem with using bitcoin and after all these years we’re still not there. We’re still too early and because of that we’re still in the early adopter phase (which means investors.)

The idea that needs to propagate is this: the potential outweighs the risk. That’s it.

The reason Tesla exploded the way it did was because when you look at how many machines run on oil and there’s this company which wants to turn them electric. There’s an enormous potential for growth. And rightly so. The only downside is that the technology is not exclusive and now we’re seeing the competition catching up, etc.

Well, with bitcoin there is no competition. Many have tried, all have failed. And the potential for bitcoin is greater than an electric car…

I urge whoever reads this to get in before the “money” does. This isn’t a Ponzi scheme, it’s evolution, it’s business, it’s the future and the future is coming whether you agree with it or not.