Why are you invested in crypto?

14D Ago
(I’ve tired to send this is a couple of discord’s unfortunately I don’t have enough karma) I was talking to a co-worker at work today about crypto, within which we where talking about blockchain as a whole trying to figure out what is backing crypto (Gold,Federal versus etc), and how the fundamentals of crypto currency differ from the fundamentals of stocks. this is when I was asked a very interesting question, “why did you invest in crypto?”, at first it seemed like an easy question, but i wasn’t able to answer it, so I thought I’d asked Reddit. Forgetting about, FOMO, being told to invest in a coin by a mate, or even because a coins is on a moon mission, or any another reasons that don’t require any technical / theoretical decision making. Why are you invested in crypto, what’s backing the project, what made you think that’s the coin I want to put my money on?