Why are the fees so much higher on my Ledger nano S, than on my Trezor, for the same amount of Bitcoin to the same address? Is this normal or is there something that can be done with Ledger to get the fees down?


So, both wallets are fully updated, cache cleared, everything working normally. Both have been used to send and receive fairly recently. But for some reason, when I go to send say, a couple million sats from the Trezor to a particular routine address, and the fees are about 36k sats. But when I try to send the same exact amount to that same address from the Ledger, it's like 89k sats, and for the same send speed (normal or medium). And the other send speeds have similar fee ratios, which is about 2.5 times greater on the Ledger.

Is there like some version of segwit or something to apply to the Ledger, or is this just normal and Trezor is a better wallet? Does anyone know what if anything, can be done to reduce the fees on the Ledger? Because it's the easier wallet to otherwise use. These fees are getting crazy, and this needs to be done now(wasn't such a big deal in the past).