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Whole world is going crazy

I was casually browsing YT and I see some riot videos going on (in Spanish because I’m there atm), so I google “protests” to find out more since I don’t speak Spanish and I find out all sorts of shit is happening around the world right now: - protests in Italy (and other euro zones) against new lockdowns, probably in the U.K. too - Bangladesh protests against France - Pakistan protests against France - Poland protests against abortion court ruling - Thailand protesting against nationalism - Might still be BLM protests going on in America too although I try to ignore them. Pretty sure there will be protests after the election though. Am I missing anything? I don’t watch the news really. Is it bad that I’m not sad about all this? I know it’s pretty evil but I’m kinda excited to see how it plays out. The more unstable society is, I’m hoping the less faith people have in their fiat toilet paper = profit for my boys
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Peter Schiff still doesn’t get it. Real Bitcoiners aren’t trying to cash out. We didn’t come here just to sellout for USD War Bucks, but the IRS only accepts USD, so we are forced to comply. Peter Schiff’s opposition to Bitcoin and support for Gold rests entirely on appeals to authority.

Bitcoin bulls believe that if they pump the #Bitcoin price high enough institutions will have no choice but to buy for fear of missing out. If so, this would be the first bubble in history where littl...