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Who's logically the largest enemies of Bitcoin?

Well obviously that would be the bank's, right? I mean think about it, they are the same entities that produce the competition which is also known as fiat currency. Unfortunately these same institutions are invested in the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges that exist today (AKA the on-ramps and off-ramps to the masses with respect to joining the bitcoin Revolution) As most here are aware, these institutions have a history of financializing assets and controlling their prices by cornering the markets. Unfortunately the masses seem to forget that the whole point of Bitcoin is to not have a middleman and to avoid custody Solutions and are unaware of a few different critical items: - They're unaware of what Bitcoin is and are just trying to get in on the hype trail. Completely unaware of the social benefits of decentralized, immutable, hard money beyond anyone's ability to inflate beyond the pre programed maximum. - They're unaware of how to take physical possession and secure their own digital assets and literally are leaving their Bitcoin on these bank backed exchanges (with the enemy). Because of this a large majority of the tradeable markets are in the hands of the exchanges which are heavily invested in by the Banks. We as a community need to make it a absolute priority to be able to have our fellow Bitcoiners education about what bitcoin is and how to take physical possession as soon as possible. IMO it is the only way to truly break Bitcoin free from the control of these Legacy financial institutions and until we achieve critical mass in this ideology the exchanges will continue to control the Fiat value of our Bitcoin. Edit: changed banks to exchanges in second item.
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Sim Swapping - The Key to Crypto Privacy

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