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Where Will All the Zeros Go?

I've been watching Raoul Pal's persuasive youtube vids on Bitcoin and it certainly seems plausible that BTC will go to $500K in 5 years. So, if it goes to 500K, that would mean: A $10 lunch would cost ₿ 0.00002 A $4 coffee = ₿ 0.000008 Any zeros intentionally (or unintentionally) added or subtracted and the cost is considerably different. Obviously automation will be more streamlined for ₿. And $ price will almost certainly be shown alongside ₿ price. However, **how fungible** will BTC be for the **average consumer**, making the **average purchase**, if there are 6 zeros in front of every number? Will we even be reading numbers on receipts? No answers, here. Just thinking out loud...
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