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Where's Segwit2X support as of today?

Here are some stats, from different sources: - [Miners signaling intention to mine B2X]( **BTC**: 5.2% **B2X**: 94.8% - [Users on Slushpool]( **BTC**: 86% **B2X**: 14% (BTC: 36.95% B2X: 9.65% with non voting miners) - [Hashrate on Slushpool]( **BTC**: 79% **B2X**: 21% (BTC: 45.76% B2X: 7.18% with non voting miners) - [B2X futures on Bitfinex]( **BTC**: 79.97% **B2X**: 20.03% (BT1: 0.79911 BT2: 0.2001) - [Block size hardfork poll based on non zero Coinbase customers]( **BTC**: 84.38% **B2X**: 15.63% (NYA hardfork proposal support: Disagree: 108, Agree: 20) I only took sources that can't be biaised and that provide actual number based on a fair sample. This disqualifies any list of businesses pro or anti B2X, as nobody can be sure any of those lists are exhaustive. What's interesting is that: - **The larger the actors, the more they are pro B2X** (It's pretty obvious in both Slushpool polls: Users are more anti B2X than Hashrate) - Slush pool is accepting very small miners, even usb keys miners. You can see **the smaller the miners the bigger the support is for BTC** - Every poll except the big miners signal one is leaning towards **80/85%** for **BTC** vs **20%/15%** for **B2X** - The only outlier is the big miners signal, but the sample is so low (less than 10 miners) and only representative of large actors that it almost confirms the 1st point. **TLDR;** The division is quite clear: Small people want BTC, big actors want B2X.
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