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Where do They Stand? Bitcoin Exchanges vs BitcoinCash - Chain Split & Segwit

Everything you’ve heard about the Bitcoin scaling debate is true: the entrenched factions, contention, name-calling, compromising, collaboration, and progress. As you gravitate towards Bitcoin’s center you get to know the major players and their stakes: from the financially-cautious miners to the pragmatic protocol developers.

But what about the major exchanges – where do they stand? You may have read through my top bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading sites list and wondered how these market-leaders are preparing for the events to come.

The following page examines each of the leading bitcoin & crytpocurrency exchange’s positions (& contingency plans) with regards to the upcoming July 31 – August 1st potential hard fork and chain split (for Segwit activation). We’ll examine which sites are going to accept the new ‘Bitcoin Cash’ token & offer coin-splitting, and which will outright reject it.

Beginners: read this intro for more information about the outcomes of a chain split for your stored bitcoin wealth.


Compare the leading exchanges’ positions:

Please tweet me @BestBitcoinEx or leave a comment should any information need correcting.

[?] = awaiting clarification form the exchange

Coin-splitting = the exchange will credit user accounts with coins from both chains (BTC & BCC) after split

Exchange Favored chain Coin-splitting BitcoinCash trading July 31 - Aug 1st Coinbase BTC eventually no no trading Poloniex "wait & see" [?] yes "it depends" Kraken BTC yes yes open (no funding) Gdax [?] no no no trading Bitfinex BTC yes yes open CEX BTC yes yes open Blockchain "wait & see" yes unlikely open Gemini "wait & see" yes maybe open Bitstamp BTC no maybe open (no funding) Bittrex BTC yes maybe open (no funding) Localbitcoins "wait & see" yes [?] [?] Shapeshift n/a n/a likely no trading Bitsquare BTC n/a no no trading Yobit [?] yes yes open (no fu...
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