What makes bitcoin so unique and special?


Hey guys,

I have a large amount of my savings in bitcoin and sometimes I think "did I make the right choice?"

For me, the value of bitcoin is precisely in being immune to governments, decentralized and without intermediaries. The point is: There are several other cryptocurrencies that claim to do the same thing, faster, with little or no fees sometimes.

Yes, I know the lighting network, and use it sometimes, but I admit that the technical part of it is relatively complicated for me.

So sometimes I think, if there are other currencies with a supposedly superior technology to btcoin, why can't they someday replace it? People can't think "yeah, actually I think cryptocurrency x is just as secure as bitcoin, just as decentralized, uses less energy and is faster. Let's migrate to it"?

I'm not trying to criticize, it's just an honest question. One of the personal reasons why I trust bitcoin is: It has been on the market for a long time, no one can easily knock the price down and I doubt it will have any scandals like other cryptocurrencies have had