What it actually took to learn markets

1M Ago
A piece of paper flips over and on the other side of the world a new science is born. I been working on a little project. The project roots go back to 1990 revived in 2005 major study began in 2010. I re wrote The Wave Principle in 2018. I merged wave principle with quantum physics in 2020. How this happened? aprx 4 years spinning chart to isolate the primary sequence aprx 2 years isolating wave groups and matching the results with other charts and realizing all the charts isolated groups have something in common. aprx 2 years realizing and detailing the separate sections of a complete run of 7 waves. aprx 3 years realizing there's something called Elliot Wave principle and studying it, comparing it to the 7x7 matrix, completely re working all of EWP to reflect the 7x7 field matrix. Working out new Fibonacci laws. Aprox 2 years studying and realizing this 7x7 system + Wave Principle = Quantum Wave Principle. Drawing new model in quantum physics and using it to verify the relationship between wave principle and quantum physics. Discovering waves form in groups of 7 divided by 3 time frames, writing the story of how quantum physics is the bedrock of wave principle. Aprx 1 year bringing everything together. Going back to the beginning of my research and pulling in some elements that had been over shadowed while working on new discoveries. The project has come full circle. This is what it took to learn the market I know.