What is the best physical card+digital app that allows one to load fiat and BTC onto it and spend it like a VISA


Hey, the question is the title. I am starting to distance myself from fiat so I wanted the communities advice about the best way to do that with digital banking/DeFi.

A family member recommended Revolut app that he uses to transfer money with, so I downloaded it and it comes with a digital VISA card that I can attach to my apple pay. They even had a learn-to-earn crypto thing and gave me 9 free bucks of two alts that I switched into fiat, cost 1 dollar each swap, and I was left with 6 something that I bought food with, using the digital card, that day. I thought I had it figured out but the crypto is synthetic and in app only, no real wallet addresses, so I wouldn't be able to transfer any Real bitcoin to it.

I know there are probably a few options out there but I wanted to hear some first hand experiences from people who have had both good and bad times. Thanks in advance!