What if all the gold mines, in all the world, had their entire output cut in half, every 4 years? If that happened, and had been happening for a while, what would the price of gold be? Would the miners keep mining in remote places with sluice plants? This asset, Bitcoin...is unique...


And people haven't really begun to process it yet, guys.

So...back to the gold question, would people still mobilize all that equipment to go mine up there in Alaska like the show on Discovery channel?

But, what if the production of oil was cut in half every 4 years? Lol, how royally screwed we'd be.

There's no other asset which in the history of humankind, has undergone a regular, clockwork-like reduction in supply, by half, every few years. Technology and human labor growth have always assured the continual supply growth of commodities of value.

Bitcoin is the first true relative commodity of value, with monetary properties.