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What happens to my crypto if I die. Will my family even know what to do with a mnemonic seed? Will they get scammed? My solution.

Leaving your mnemonic seed in a drawer or at your parents' house seems like a good idea, but what if you pass away and now your family is looking at a list of 24 words that they have no idea how to use. I can just see my father typing them in to some scam site or asking for help from someone unscrupulous. My solution was to write up a simple but comprehensive guide on how to use mnemonic seeds to access my crypto while making sure it was simple enough for a reasonably intelligent layman to understand. I'm also concerned about theft, so rather than store my entire seed at one location I've split it up 3 ways. I've used the ColdTi to stamp my seeds into titanium plates (surprisingly affordable!), then I've used plasti-dip to coat the plates so that if someone wants to read the seed they'll need to peel the rubber off, making it plain that it's been tampered with. Each plate includes 16 words so only 2 of 3 plates are needed to complete a single 24 word mnemonic key. A potential attacker would need to gain access to two different homes and find the plates, and they would need to do so without being noticed at the first home, as the peeling of the rubber coating would be a sure sign that the seed was compromised. Here's the booklet I've written up. The mnemonic seed plate will be attached to this booklet. It will be printed double sided on thick-ish A6 paper, which is 1/4 the size of a standard A4 page. Small, but not so small that it's hard to read. Essentially it will be a 50-odd page instruction book (mostly the BIP39 word list) on how to use a mnemonic seed to gain access to funds. What do you guys think?
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