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What do you look for in a Bitcoin ATM?

Started seeing some bitcoin ATMs in local stores. The machines were from different companies and had different fees. Which made me wonder what goes into people's decision on what machine to use. Is mostly just how much the fee is? Also I was checking coinatmradar and most of the machines around me do not have the fees posted online so how do you know your getting a good fee? Do you consider other things: \- Location (is it near me) \- Company (maybe one company is more trusted than another, better customer service) \- How much ID you need at the machine (upto $1000 with sms versus unto $1500)
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Why Bitcoin is NOT a Ponzi in 6 Tweets

1/ It's intuitive for smart people to see Bitcoin as a ponzi/bubble at first.Why?Because MONETARY VALUE is DEPENDENT on OTHER HUMANS. If you are trapped on a island alone, monetary goods (dollars, gol...