What do I tell my old friends who are no-coiners, when they needle me about the Bitcoin price?

self.Bitcoin1m ago
So, I've got some old friends back home, going back to college days. I've tried to orange pill each of them at various times. Some of them were respectful about it and said thanks but no thanks. Others told me I'm a complete fool. Now, this was back when Bitcoin was $40-60k. As in, much of last year. Well, now that it's really dropped, these guys are making fun of me and laughing in the most low and snide manner. Asking me "How's Bitcoin doing?" and things like that, which are obviously snarky and snide, as they can look up how Bitcoin is doing any time. What do I say to them, guys? Seriously, I'm taking flak and getting made fun of! What do I do about that?