What % Bitcoin ?

1M Ago
I see a lot of potential in bitcoin. I see it's role as a digital gold and [with lightning] a payment network. Even for those who think bitcoin is flawed/worthless... what are the chances that it will gain favour again and go on another bull run? Even if it is all hype. [Quite high IMO] Catalysts could trigger another run.. i.e. a CBDC / Spot ETF / Halving Sometimes I don't understand why this hasn't been front run and bitcoin isn't much higher. Anyway, what % would you allocate to bitcoin? And how do you approach this? If it really is an asymmetric bet then what would be the limiting factor? Perhaps you workout what the most you could lose? Perhaps you could survive losing 70% so go 70%BTC? I am thinking of making bitcoin a larger part of my portfolio but I'm getting a lot of pushback from my traditional investor friends