Well, I'm officially a bitcoiner


Sold my 2 rentals to buy gbtc. held from 69k to 15k (and bought a lot more at 21k).

Won't ever sell. Have a hard wallet. In a safe.

Many days go by when things are good, but today I seriously considered killing myself. I really thought about jumping in front of a truck. It's not about bitcoin-my life is a wreck.

But whatever happens, my family has my safe and my seedphrase.

This is the first real thing I think I believe in. And I'm so scared it will fail-not because it's not right, it's because human beings willingly will sell a small part of their soul for the privilege to be locked in a cage called an office, where people are fake, and then have the government steal 40% of their effort through taxes (that most likely they will never receive benefits through), and then steal half of the remaining 60% over 10 years through debasement.

And at the end, when you soul runs out, at least you said you tried.