website donate buttons

16D Ago
What is the ideal cryptocurrency platform to use for donation buttons on websites. This is for one-time payments only, no recurring or monthly accepted. I have done a Coinbase button on a different website, and chose that platform because wide adoption, and multiple types of cryptocurrency can be sent. Is there any platforms that would be considered advantageous for public donations? Us utilizing a widely adopted platform seems like it would be an advantage as some of the people may already have an account on that platform. If we make a coinbase account, can people send money into coinbase from another platform since it supports a large amount of cryptocurrencies? Or do donors have to actually have a coinbase account (or create one) in order to send us momney? possibilities: * Coinbase. * Kraken. * * Voyager * BlockFi * Binance * Bittrex * eToro * Gemini * Abra Reference: [](