We will never know true adoption

1M Ago
I don't talk about bitcoin with anyone in my real life. I suspect there are many people like me. If adoption rates were in fact growing exponentially, I would think existing media outlets would do everything in their considerable power to suppress that information. The media is owned by fiat oligarchs after all who have everything to lose if bitcoin succeeds and levels the financial playing field. If I'm right about this, then there truly could be a slowly then all-at-once adoption scenario coming. While I doubt this is happening yet, I sometimes day dream about banks and hedge funds seeing all this fiat disappearing from their balance sheets and into bitcoin. In my fantasy, I imagine them panicking as they become more and more insolvent and their tactics to appear viable become more and more desperate. The more hit pieces they commission, the more politicians they buy, the more alts they promote, the more fake money they create... The more bitcoin just keeps growing and becoming stronger. That would be so freakin' cool.