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watch out guys!! Don't be a fool

[]( It is probably a scam! Watch out, never give out your keys or seed words!!
Go to self.Bitcoin
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Bitcoin Art I Made on MakersPlace

This is a tribute dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto that I created in 2018, which envisions the simplicity of what Bitcoin will bring to the people of Earth in years to come. This is also my first piece o...
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A Piece of Art I Made A Few Years Ago

'The law of unity of type and of the conditions of the existence embraced by the theory of natural selection was all she ever spoke of. I wondered, however, if I could ever dream, as humans do.' I cre...
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Bitcoin Halving Explanation

The Bitcoin halving is when the number of Bitcoin’s released into circulation is reduced by half (just as the name suggests). This happens every 210,000 bloc...