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WARNING: Fake Iancoleman BIP39 Tool using ads to get to top of Google results

​ Looking up our brand name, we found someone who has been utilizing Google AdWords and are outbidding us to get to the top of google results. We also looked up for search terms for different hardware wallets and metal backups and the same thing is happening. They’re promoting a scam BIP39 recovery seed phrase tool using **IN**COLEMAN (gross) rather than **IAN**COLEMAN. **DO NOT USE.** Better yet, you can click the bajingles out of it and make them PAY PER CLICK. Please spread the word and report them. [\_phish/]( Edited: corrected formatting. was on the toilet phone and wanted to get this out asap. Edit 2: now they’re using IAN**COLA**MAN
Go to self.Bitcoin
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