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WARNING Elon Musk Bitcoin Scam on Twitch

A stream went live today on Twitch titled Elon Musk SpaceX NASA Bitcoin giveaway. It had a video running of Musk speaking about the NeuraLink I think. I almost invested my last couple hundred bucks, thinking it was real. I have never fallen for any scam there is out there, I'm usually quick in the head but this one almost got me since I had a drowsy night. Luckily something saved me the pain. I had never heard about this scam before but now that I looked it up, I know it already happened a few months ago. I need to put the message out here again, warning people after it made me feel so embarrassed right now. Please warn others and lookout for scams like this. With 66k viewers and thousands spamming the chat, this one looked a bit too real.
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