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Want to buy Bitcoin? Fees matter. Here's a survey of fees charged by top U.S. exchanges.

I've seen a lot of questions lately from folks asking where they should buy bitcoin. In my opinion, two things matter in answering this question, security and the fees (deposit, trading, withdrawal, etc.) charged by the exchange. Here's a brief sample of fees charged by some of the most secure U.S. exchanges: Exchange Fees ((Maker/Taker) / Withdrawal): Binance - 0.10%(M&T) / 0.0005 BTC Kraken - 0.16%(M) / 0.26%(T) / 0.0005 BTC Gemini Active Trader - 0.25%(M) / 0.35%(T) / Free (if 10 or less per month) Coinbase Pro - 0.50%(M&T) / Free I personally use Gemini since I only trade in bitcoin and ether, and if that also describes you I would recommend them since there are no withdrawal fees, unlike Binance and Kraken. Gemini's trading fees are also lower than Coinbase, which also offers no withdrawal fees. Anyone have any comparable (or better) options that they've used? Edit: I do not personally use or endorse exchanges like RobinHood where you do not actually own the bitcoin you purchase.
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