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Wanna quickly understand how adaptor signatures work and why they rock? Here you go! I present my ELI5 (?) tutorial (:

Did you ever wonder how Adaptor Signatures work and what can be achieved by them and why they are great for Bitcoin? This tutorial aims in an ELI5 style to explain the basic concepts. I simplified some details to focus on the ideas. If requested I could continue this series to include also the more technical details. Shoutout to Jonas Nick from Blockstream for discussing some details and the script before I went into production. This really helped me save some time!Read more at: - CODE: - Schnorr Signatures: MuSig: SUPPORT THIS SHOW! ---Become a company sponsor of this show!Become a patreon: or support my book project directly: will appreciate the kindness if you leave a (small!) tip. BTC-address: 1KwjU4UknzbXh1rnP1jAKz9wwjcuYwe9ACsegwit: 38fWwbsxvVeBsJpH4bbHTBai8jT8RUa7DE

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