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Updating the weekly traded BTC volume in Venezuela (LocalBitcoin). 367 BTC (down from 406, lowest since 2018) were traded last week using LocalBitcoin that is 2,043,000,000,000 Bs (Bolivares, Venezuela currency). One BTC is around 6,800,000,000 Bs. Monthly minimum wage is not at 1,54 USD.

Just updating this week numbers another drop, very strange! I think the amount of USD is a constant and as the BTC has higher price, it drops. It is the only explanation. Because of that this last month (October) the amount is low, 1,800 BTC (usually steady at 2,000 BTC). Only measured by LocalBitcoin (For sure the biggest exchange here). I'm Venezuelan "living" here, crypto entusiast. A lot of redditors have helped me somehow! You can ask me anything! Sources: [\_VES\_Page.html]( []( []( [](
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