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Update-Sold my condo for bitcoin

This is not a bitcoin hype file. 10 things I've learned. Hopefully they can help you. 1. Time is not on your side. As you get older, you will see friends deny this. I'm 38. Get a plan. As fast as possible. If not, you wake up 50, in a small apartment, and say where did life go. If you are 50 in this situation, let's go and turn things around. 2. You have more opportunities than you can imagine. It is your choice on whether you want to pursue them. 3. Don't use money you need to pay bills on investments and don't used borrowed funds. These create very stressful situations. 4. If you want to go for it, go for it. But actually go for it. Live like a poor person if you're the salesperson of the month. Embrace the pain. Put off rewards for 2 years. 5. Most of our wages will go down over the next 5 years. Jobs are being replaced by computers at a massive your wages will go down in real value. 6. Most ngmi-I've realized most people go with the flow. They get on the river of life and hope there are no rocks. 7. My typical friend makes $15k a month, has no kids, and 8/10 have no bitcoin. 8. If you blow the next 5 years, it's on you. 9. Don't tell your boss how much btc you have. Be very careful about who knows what. 10. Be humble and attempt to be a decent person.
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