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'Unrealistic': BIP 91 Creator James Hilliard Has Choice Words for Segwit2x


No, developer James Hilliard isn't describing his lunch.

Rather, that's his choice of description for Segwit2x, the controversial technical roadmap announced by bitcoin's startups and miners in May, and that has been the center of widespread debate ever since.

Like many developers, Hilliard is openly critical of the proposal and the timelines it is seeking to impose on development. Still, his skepticism is particularly notable as he's played perhaps the biggest role in helping boost perceptions the plan is moving forward.

If you went so far as to argue he's the reason the Segwit2x timeline is being met (and that bitcoin hasn't split into two competing assets), you wouldn't find many detractors.

That's because Hilliard has been the driving force behind a code proposal called BIP 91. Aimed at coordinating miners to push through the long-awaited code optimization Segregated Witness (SegWit), it's been called the first of the two pieces to the Segwit2x roadmap, though that may obscure that it was actually an outsider's idea.

After BIP 91's approval by miners last week, and barring any bumps, SegWit could activate by the end of August. Not to be undersold, it's a major milestone for the network, one that moves a long-heralded technical development out of political gridlock and one step closer to activation.

And to many, Hilliard deserves the credit.

What he really thinks

Given the heavy politicization of the development of late, it shouldn't be a surprise that Hilliard's motivations for his role in the code upgrade have been questioned.

Does he support an eventual and controversial upgrade to a 2MB block size? Is he doing it largely to avoid a split? Which developer team does he prefer?

In a new interview, however, Hilliard made clear he's not a fan of the full Segwit2x agreement, particularly the move to 2MB that it seeks to enact later this year.


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